Upcoming events

Past events
The Greener Manufacturing Show (Cologne 09-10 Nov 2022)
Compounding World Congress (Cologne 07-08 Jun 2022)
PLA World Congress (Munich 24-25 May 2022)
European Bioplastics Conference (Berlin 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2021)
The Greener Manufacturing Show (Cologne 10-11 Nov 2021)
CosmeticBusiness trade fair (Munich 20-21 Oct 2021)
Bio!TOY conference (Nuremberg, 07-08 September 2021)

07 Sep 2022 Check out the new information (flyer and pre-TDS) about our new food contact approved, degradable glass fiber reinforced material from our products page.

02 Sep 2022 Arctic Biomaterials takes again part in the Greener Manufacturing Show in Cologne in November 2022.

12 May 2022  New impact resistant MFA-grade now available! Check out our products page for the preliminary data sheet for XMFA15-H0045, which is an excellent bio-based alternative for high impact ABS, PP or even PC.

10 Jan 2022  What is the current status and future of plastics recycling? Read our view from the recent blog post.

23 Nov 2021  How to quickly test the long-term properties of new bio-based and biodegradable materials? We do it with an accelerated and standardized test using a solar cabinet (blog post).

21 Jun 2021    Take a sneak peek to our latest developments in the latest June 2021 issue of the Injection World magazine: “Aiming for new heights in bio-based plastics”.

03 Jun 2021    The importance of butterflies, as well as our collaboration with Belightful Design are covered in a new blog post.

07 May 2021    The launch of our tough ArcBiox A-series is covered in Bioplastics News!

14 Apr 2021     Gehr GmbH chooses our A-series for their bio-based high impact sheets!

30 Mar 2021     New videos are out visualizing the excellent impact properties of our durable, PLA-based ArcBiox A-series:
Video 1: Impact testing (Izod unnotched / ISO 180)
Video 2: Puncture resistance testing (2 mm sheets / ISO 6603-1)

24 Feb 2021      New blog post online, explaining why our bio-based ArcBiox materials show lower environmental footprint compared to fossil-oil based materials. The results are backed with scientific life-cycle assessment (LCA) data.

04 Feb 2021      On 17 Feb 2021, our R&D director Ari Rosling gives a presentation about the “future prospects for bio-based and biodegradable plastics and their place in the market”. The registration for the 3rd EBRN (European Bioplastics Research Network) event is open until 10.02.2021!

26 Jan 2021      BicéBio design cups by Cormaf are now available at Amazon! The cups are made from ArcBiox MFA-series.

15 Jan 2021      The new blog is open! Check out the first stories concerning our customer Cormaf and the introduction of our MFA-series.

10 Dec 2020      Our R&D Engineer Marjo Ketonen gives a talk about biobased plastics in circular economy on 16 Dec. The webinar title is “Plastics in Carbon-Neutral and Biocircular Economy”. Register at the latest on 11 Dec!

30 Nov 2020   Arctic Biomaterials takes part in the European Bioplastics Conference (30 Nov – 3 Dec) as an exhibitor. Come meet us in the virtual exhibition and learn more about our products!

19 Nov 2020   Cormaf chooses ArcBiox MFA-series for their beautiful design cups! Read more about this customer case here.

4 Nov 2020      Arctic Biomaterials is now on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram! Give us a follow for the latest news and behind-the-scenes content.

20 Mar 2020    Ecorep Kft is official sales agent for Arctic Biomaterials in Austria, Slovenia, Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. Contact: Mr Helmut Hassek sales@ecorep.eu

20 Mar 2020    Corona postpones exhibitions! Arctic will be present at following exhibitons in 2020: Cosmetic Business Munchen, China Plast, World Bio Markets.

15 Feb 2020      Arctic fiber goes commercial. Arctic degradable glass fiber available for industrial testing from the new production site. Food approval still pending.

16 May 2018     We won! Check out “Innovation Award 2018 Bio-based Material of the Year“!

4 May 2018       We are proud to be nominated as a candidate for the international Innovation Award “Bio-Based Material Of The Year 2018“.