4 Nov 2020      Arctic Biomaterials is now on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram! Give us a follow for the latest news and behind-the-scenes content.

20 Mar 2020    Ecorep Kft is official sales agent for Arctic Biomaterials in Austria, Slovenia, Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. Contact: Mr Helmut Hassek sales@ecorep.eu

20 Mar 2020    Corona postpones exhibitions! Arctic will be present at following exhibitons in 2020: Cosmetic Business Munchen, China Plast, World Bio Markets.

15 Feb 2020      Arctic fiber goes commercial. Arctic degradable glass fiber available for industrial testing from the new production site. Food approval still pending.

16 May 2018     We won! Check out “Innovation Award 2018 Bio-based Material of the Year“!

4 May 2018       We are proud to be nominated as a candidate for the international Innovation Award “Bio-Based Material Of The Year 2018“.