The environmental aspect and climate care are deeply embroidered in our company’s DNA.

The two key indicators in a products’ environmental footprint are greenhouse gases (GHGs) and non-renewable energy use. In some cases compared to traditional technical plastics the amount of GHGs and use of non-renewable energy (per kg of polymer produced) can be reduced as much as 60-80% by using ABMc compounds. For the final calculation/comparison, the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tool should be used.

Paris climate agreement

The Paris Agreement is an agreement dealing with greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of the agreement is to limit the increase of global average temperature. China and US have the highest carbon dioxide emission today with China accounting for 29.4% and US for 14.3% of global emissions (ref Wikipedia).

The Paris Agreement has been signed by 159 countries. Check

EU climate action targets

EU has set its own challenging targets to reduce emissions and limit global warming. EU targets to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas emissions) below 1990 levels are:

By 2020 reduction of 20%

By 2030 reduction of 40%

By 2050 reduction of 80%


Ref. Industrial biotechnology vol 11. 2015