Arctic Biomaterials produces bio-based and biodegradable compounds and composites. We have extensive compounding expertise combined with our own laboratory, life-cycle analysis (LCA) and injection molding capabilities. We work closely with our customers and offer also customized material solutions. Feel free to contact us with your application.

BSGF – series

Preliminary TDS ArcBiox BSGF20-B2012

MFA – series

  • Bio-based compounds reinforced with minerals
  • Sustainable alternatives for PS, PP, ABS e.g. in cosmetics and toys
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Fast injection molding cycle times (mold temperature 20-40°C)
  • Overview: MFA-series flyer (pdf)
TDS ArcBiox MFA25-B2007 *New grade* TDS ArcBiox MFA20-B2000TDS ArcBiox MFA30-B2000TDS ArcBiox MFA10-C2000

B – series

  • Non-reinforced biopolyester compounds
  • Sustainable alternatives for PP, PE
  • Suitable for caps and closures including film hinge products
  • Fast injection molding cycle times (mold temperature 20-40°C)
  • Overview: B-series flyer (pdf)
TDS ArcBiox B2008TDS ArcBiox B2011

A – series

  • PLA based compounds with excellent impact properties even in a cold mold with fast cycle times
  • Not compostable
  • Sustainable alternatives for PC, ABS
  • High bio-content up to 90%
  • Overview: A-series flyer (pdf)
TDS ArcBiox A1005TDS ArcBiox A1008TDS ArcBiox A2004