Bioabsorbable Evolvemer™ TCP30PLGA is a biocompatible composite of bioabsorbable 85L/15G PLGA base polymer and beta-tri-calcium phosphate (β-TCP).

The β-TCP particle size distribution is optimized in this high-quality composite. This makes its processing easier and improves the mechanical properties of the final products.

Biocompatibility of the Evolvemer™ Composite has been evaluated according to ISO 10993-1:2009 (“Biological evaluation of medical devices – Part 1: Evaluation and testing within a risk management process”). Based on the evaluation, Evolvemer™ Composite presents no risk of systemic toxicological effects.

Cytotoxicity and Plastic Class V tests have been conducted for Evolvemer™ Composite to support the biocompatibility statement of the composite. However, it is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer of the final end-use product to determine the biocompatibility of the final product.

Technical Information

Evolvemer™ TCP30PLGA

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