ABM Composite R&D has enabled +100 medical devices and raw material compositions in almost 100 R&D projects to our customers. We have a strong expertise in bioresorbable medical device development. Our R&D projects are provided with documentation in accordance with ISO 13485.

Implant design development

ABM Composite can support your prototype design of “the implant of dreams” to match the requirements and material characteristics.

  • Designing (3D CAD + FEM)
  • Medical devices e.g. suture anchors, screws, interference screws, fixation plates, nails

Pilot manufacturing

Prototypes are valuable, and we have multiple options to provide them. We can conduct a pilot for your device or implant to get the proper characteristics and materials for your design.

  • Prototyping
  • 3D printing and injection molding

Testing and feasibility

ABM Composite has the majority of the testing capabilities required in-house.

Bioactive glass plate

Full physicochemical characterization of materials and products

  • Molecular weight GPC (triple detection)
  • Viscosity (inherent, intrinsic, dynamic)
  • Melt Flow rate
  • Monomer content GC
  • Thermal properties DSC, HDT, Vicat
  • Particle size LS
  • Identification ATR-FTIR
  • Mechanical properties
  • Surface properties SEM-EDX
  • Long term testing (incubation ovens)

Research and development of formulation and plastic components

  • Moldex Simulation
  • Multiple 3D printers
  • Two lab-scale extruders
  • Lab-scale LFT line
  • Prototype injection and compression molding
  • 50t and 200t injection molding