Bioactive glass plate


Bioactive natural mineral fiber – X3

Strength to your biomaterials with a bone regeneration innovation! The X3 bioactive natural mineral fiber composite provides ultra-high torque strength with advanced bioactivity, bone growth and new bone formation properties. Commercialize your vision of strong and solid bioresorbable implants using the ABMcomposite X3 technology and technical support.

Benefits of X3 bioactive natural mineral fiber composites

  • Ultimate mechanical properties
  • A balanced pH environment, promoting bone healing and improving biocompatibility
  • Bone-implant interaction and stimulation of osteogenesis
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Bio-based material solutions for sustainability leaders

We supply bio-based material solutions, including but not limited to world’s strongest biodegradable composites – enabled by the award-winning ABMcomposite degradable glass fiber technology.

As opposed to fossil-based plastics, our bio-based products bind atmospheric carbon. With our materials, the environmental footprint of your products may be reduced as much as 60-80%. We have the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) know-how that is needed for application-specific calculations.

About us

Arctic Biomaterials produces high-quality biomaterials for orthopedic implants and various other healthcare indications (Medical). ABM´s unique natural mineral fiber (or fibre) provides an extremely strong and osteoconductive ingredient to be combined with other bioresorbable materials. The combination offers a composite raw material with additional benefits, even for load-bearing applications. We offer ABM´s natural mineral fiber composite´s ultra-high torque strength and advanced bioactivity, bone growth and new bone formation properties with our material composite. Learn more HERE

Arctic Biomaterials also produces sustainable alternatives for fossil oil-based plastics (Technical), with our patented bioresorbable glass fiber reinforcement technology. The technical unit produces high-performance bio-based biodegradable composites for consumer and industrial applications. The added value is related to the increased temperature resistance and mechanical strength. Learn more HERE

Join our journey where material innovations provide unseen product opportunities and a healthy planet!


Arctic Biomaterials has a strong knowledge of materials, processing, and product design for each application. We have assembled a talented and experienced team, where key persons have more than 15 years of experience in developing and manufacturing biomaterials for orthopedics and other medical devices.

We use our world-class science and engineering expertise to create bioresorbable load-bearing materials to replace metals and help our customers to take advantage of demanding market opportunities.

Our goal and driving ambition is to be the trusted partner of choice, delivering high-value biodegradable composite materials and solutions to our clients. We use our world-class science and engineering to seize market opportunities and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges in resorbable polymer chemistry and processing.

Since bioplastics entered technical application and medical device markets, they have lacked the mechanical and/or thermal properties to be fully utilized in either field. Arctic Biomaterials came up with innovative solutions through its ABMcomposite technology, thus closing the property gap between bioplastics and non-biodegradable plastics.

In the Medical field, this will be the first time that bioresorbable materials will be used in load-bearing applications, and in addition to this, manufacturers will be given the design freedom to make competitive implants for titanium or metal alloys. ABMcomposite technology will open also totally new indications and markets for bioresorbable materials.

In the Technical field, ABMcomposite technology will for the first time introduce materials that can truly compete with traditional composites made using conventional processing techniques. This is due to the materials having comparable processability, high heat resistance, and excellent mechanical properties.

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