Positive results from X3 fiber composite prototype compared with titanium metacarpal plate

By May 16, 2024News

The biomechanical test data of Arctic Biomaterials´ bioresorbable metacarpal plate prototype shows promising results. The prototype plate is based on Arctic Biomaterials´ continuous X3 fiber composite, which is a fully bioresorbable, osteoconductive, and osteostimulative bioactive natural mineral fiber composite.

“We are happy to share this data! We have worked relentlessly to build the technology. Now we released data to show our material technology compares well with smaller titanium plates. We have seen corresponding results in our other trials and studies, therefore, the results of this prototype test were as expected,” the R&D team reports.

The X3 fiber prototype plate is a bioresorbable fixation plate manufactured using Arctic Biomaterial’s material and technology expertise. The objective of the study was to compare the stiffness of the X3 fiber plate with a commercial titanium metacarpal plate of similar size.

The initial stiffness of the bioresorbable X3 fiber composite plate with this prototype design was 11% higher than the commercial titanium metacarpal plate. In conclusion, the bioresorbable X3 fiber composite prototype plate appears to have a similar initial stiffness compared to a similar-sized commercial titanium metacarpal plate.

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X3 fiber prototype plate and TItanium metacarpal plate, side by side.

X3 fiber prototype plate and Titanium metacarpal plate, side by side.


Stiffness of metacarpal plates

Stiffness of metacarpal plates

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