Arctic Biomaterials produces sustainable alternatives for conventional fossil oil based plastics. The bio-based ArcBiox™ products are designed to maximize performance while minimizing the environmental impact. The environmental benefits are scientifically shown using life-cycle assessment (LCA).

One unique feature in the ABMcomposite technology is degradable glass fibers that are used to reinforce one of our product families (BSGF-series). This technology originates from our medical business unit, where such glasses are used in biodegradable implants. In technical applications, they enable the world’s strongest biodegradable composites with increased temperature resistance.

ArcBiox materials are bio-based. Their environmental footprint is up to 80% lower compared to fossil oil based plastics like ABS. Read more from our blog.

ArcBiox materials are heavy duty. Whether your application requires high impact properties, strength or temperature resistance, we’ve got you covered. The technical details are presented in the products section.

Most of our products can be composted (EN-13432). In addition, we are developing home compostable and soil-degradable materials. Furthermore, our studies have shown excellent mechanical recyclability of production scrap from ArcBiox. Read more about the end-of-life options.

Compostable does not equal single-use. Please do not hesitate to contact us with durable applications as well. Although we are also developing fast-degrading materials, some of our products maintain their properties even in harsh outdoor conditions for years. All our grades are tested after solar cabinet exposure.

Arctic Biomaterials is an expert organization with state-of-the-art facilities. We provide technical support to our customers, as well as services related to materials analysis or life-cycle assessment (LCA).