ArcBiox MFA-series: high-performance sustainability

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The bio-based ArcBiox™ MFA-series consists of heat-resistant compostable composites. The product family is designed for injection moulded items such as cosmetics, kitchenware, food packaging and other semi-durable applications.

The key features of the bio-based MFA materials include high temperature resistance and high bio-content. The MFA-series can be processed in a cold mould, which enables fast processing cycles. Bio-based materials like the MFA-series can be used as a more sustainable alternative for many fossil-oil based polymers. This is because the carbon of bio-based plastics is bound from the atmosphere and ecosphere. On the contrary, the carbon in fossil-oil based plastics originates from the geosphere and thus adds up to the carbon in the atmosphere upon incineration.

Technical product details can be found from the product page of our website, or by downloading the MFA flyer.

The sustainability of MFA-series

Arctic Biomaterials is strictly against greenwashing. Therefore, we have published our life cycle assessment (LCA) approach on our website. For example, with the current bio-based content of 75% in MFA30-B2000, its global warming potential (GWP) upon composting or incineration is 2.2 kg of CO2 equivalent, whereas the incineration of reference PP or ABS yield 5.3 and 5.7 kg of CO2 equivalent, respectively.

For more information concerning the LCA, please contact Marjo Ketonen (R&D).

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