Cormaf: Sustainability challenge solved by ArcBiox MFA-series

By January 11, 2021June 2nd, 2021Technical Blog

Cormaf Srl (Lainate, Italy) designs special items for cosmetics and for the home sector. The company needed a sustainable injection moulding material for their “From Nature to Nature” -series of reusable design cups and shot glasses. A solution was found from the ArcBiox™ MFA-series of Arctic Biomaterials, as it fulfilled high demands related to processability, bio-content and usability of the product, including dishwasher durability. Mr. Chiaveri, the owner of Cormaf Srl explains:

Our company combines eco-sustainability with aesthetic taste. We propose solutions that are the right combination for the market and for the planet that hosts us. Arctic Biomaterials introduced potential candidates to meet our high demands for the “From Nature to Nature” series. After several R&D tests and analyses, the MFA-series was chosen due to the right combination of the needed features. ABM’s ArcBiox™ high-performance biopolymers meet our needs and allow us to create original, glamorous projects in harmony with the environment.

About ArcBiox™ MFA-series

The ArcBiox™ MFA-series consists of bio-based and food-contact approved composite materials. Their high bio-content enables renewable atmospheric carbon to be bound into the manufactured design cups. This is contrary to using fossil-oil based plastics, whose non-renewable carbon originates from the geosphere and is released into the atmosphere when incinerated.

The MFA-series composites are made from raw materials that are compostable in an industrial compost setting. Unlike most bio-based or compostable plastics, the MFA-series possesses high temperature resistance (HDTb up to 96 °C) even when processed in a cold mould. This enables fast processing cycles and good dishwasher durability for the manufactured items.

Where to buy these design items?

The bio-based and compostable BicéBio cups as well as shot glasses are now listed at Amazon. Another way is to contact Cormaf directly (

More information

Arctic Biomaterials:

For more information about the ArcBiox MFA-series, please refer to the MFA flyer. Our sustainability section contains detailed information about the life cycle assessment (LCA) approach of Arctic Biomaterials. For further information about our ArcBiox™ products, please contact us.