New high impact ArcBiox MFA-grade

Arctic Biomaterials is ready to present their new mineral filled high-impact MFA-grade. Just like the other MFA-series materials, one of its main characteristics include high temperature resistance without the need for annealing. In addition, the new easily colourable ArcBiox XMFA15-H0045 shows excellent impact and puncture resistance, making it a perfect bio-based alternative for high impact ABS, PP or even PC.

“We have been comparing our new MFA-grade to an impact resistant ABS with respect to its processability, mechanical properties and shelf-life. It is clear that our bio-based material possesses similar cycle times and heat resistance, with even better impact properties compared to the ABS. Most importantly, samples moulded from the new MFA-grade win the comparison with ABS in accelerated weathering tests, as well as in real life outdoor conditions during the 1 year test period. This might be surprising to some, as the compound is made using biodegradable polymers. Furthermore, all the components are food contact approved, which makes the material perfectly suitable for toys or cosmetics packaging.” -Esa Hallinen, R&D Project Manager

Preliminary Technical Data Sheet for XMFA15-H0045

The video below illustrates the puncture resistance of injection molded ABS and ArcBiox XMFA15-H0045 sheets after exposure to outdoor conditions in Finland for 1 year.