Arctic Biomaterials launches ArcBiox A-series

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The bio-based ArcBiox™ A-series consists of extremely tough PLA-based compounds that challenge the puncture resistance of polycarbonates. The grades are designed for injection moulding, but are proven to be suitable for sheet extrusion and thermoforming as well.

The ArcBiox A-series materials range from technical to food-contact approved grades and stand out due to their extreme toughness. The puncture and impact resistance properties of the A-series are comparable to those of fossil oil-based PC, and significantly higher compared to ABS (see video below).


Esa Hallinen, the R&D project manager at Arctic Biomaterials elaborates:

“Sustainable materials as such offer significant value for responsible brands and consumers, but we want to increase our customers’ value further by making high-performing materials. The impact properties of ArcBiox A-series enable applications that have not been possible for bio-based materials before.”

The grades have shown very good results in accelerated outdoor and indoor solar weathering tests, making the materials suitable for semi-durable to durable applications, depending on the environment of the end product.

The sustainability of ArcBiox A-series

The ArcBiox A-series materials are PLA-based and have a high bio-content of 80-95%. This means that the A-series binds carbon from the atmosphere, as opposed to fossil oil-based plastics whose carbon originates from the geosphere (and is added up into the atmosphere when incinerated). Furthermore, the regrind of A-series has shown excellent mechanical recyclability.

According to various LCA scenarios, the ArcBiox A-series shows 60-75% lower environmental footprint compared to fossil ABS. For more information concerning the LCA, please contact Marjo Ketonen (R&D).

Gehr GmbH commercializes extruded sheets based on the ArcBiox A-series

Gehr GmbH (Mannheim, Germany) is a family-owned global leader in semi-finished thermoplastic products. The company has recently commercialized renewable Eco-GEHR PLA-HI sheets, which are made from the ArcBiox A-series.

With more than 80 years of experience in plastics production, the Gehr product portfolio includes high-quality sheets, rods, hollow bars and other profiles via extrusion. The Eco-GEHR PLA-HI sheets are readily available in sizes of 100 cm x 200 cm, with thicknesses from 2 mm up to an impressive 4 mm. Finished products can be made from the sheets e.g. by deep-drawing, imprinting, gluing, sawing, thermoforming, drilling or punching them.

Eco-GEHR PLA-HI sheets are readily available in natural color and can be colored according to customers’ wishes. Please contact Gehr GmbH for more information.

More information

For more information concerning the ArcBiox A-series and other ArcBiox materials, please contact Arctic Biomaterials or visit our products website.

ArcBiox A-series flyer

Case Gehr: High impact sheets made from ArcBiox A-series