Helian Polymers and Arctic Biomaterials collaborate

By November 7, 2022News, Technical Blog

Seeing it clearly: Now is the future of glass fiber reinforced biopolymer compounds

Something not deemed possible has become a reality: fully bio-based and biodegradable glass fiber reinforced compounds.

Arctic Biomaterials (ABM) from Tampere, Finland, are delighted to announce the recently established collaboration with Helian Polymers (Belfeld, The Netherlands). By combining ABM’s unique ArcBiox degradable and reinforcing glass fibers with Helian Polymers’ signature PHAradox PHA compounds, new functional material possibilities emerge due to improved mechanical and thermal properties. No less than six grades have been developed so far.

Figure 1.
Reinforcing fully bio-based Pharadox compounds with degradable ArcBiox X4 glass fibers brings new opportunities for biodegradable materials.

The established synergy between both companies enables the industry and interested parties to test and validate new sustainable materials for a range of applications where glass fiber reinforcements are a requirement.

These new PHA compounds with ArcBiox glass fibers, which are in a developmental stage, will degrade in the environment without the formation of persistent microplastics or remaining glass fibers.

With these exciting and still experimental materials both companies are open to discuss application development with their customers and explore further opportunities.

From government regulation to social pressure, the call for sustainable materials is getting louder every day. By combining their strengths, both Arctic Biomaterials and Helian Polymers help potential customers to lower the threshold to develop new applications with their latest sustainable materials – which are fully biobased and 100% biodegradable – with the sole intention to minimise the end product’s negative impact on the environment.

Meet the companies in the Plastic Waste Free World Conference / Greener Manufacturing Show

Both companies will attend the Plastic Waste Free World Conference / Greener Manufacturing Show on November 9-10 in Cologne Germany. You can visit them at their booths (Arctic Biomaterials: booth 4021. Helian Polymers / PHAradox: booth 2044) to discuss your material needs.

About Helian Polymers

Helian Polymers is located in Belfeld, The Netherlands, and has been specializing primarily in PLA and PHA based applications since 2007. With almost a decade and a half of experience with biopolymers Helian Polymers is uniquely positioned in a rapid changing polymer landscape. A small and dedicated team of specialists help customers with the research and development to bring bio-based products to the market. With the new PHAradox brand Helian Polymers will extend its bioplastics division further in the years to come. Helian Polymers is member of Go!PHA and Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC).

More information: sales@helianpolymers.com
Company website: https://helianpolymers.com
Brand website: https://pharadox.com

About Arctic Biomaterials

Arctic Biomaterials Oy from Tampere, Finland is a company producing high-quality materials for bioresorbable implants (Medical business unit) and as sustainable alternatives for conventional fossil oil-based plastics in demanding applications (Technical business unit).  One key specialty utilized in both medical and technical sectors is their proprietary bioresorbable glass fiber reinforcement technology.

More information: info@abmcomposite.com
Company website: https://abmcomposite.com/#home

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