Employees of the Year 2023!

By January 31, 2024News

Arctic Biomaterials Honors Outstanding Achievements: Employees of the Year 2023!

Today, we take pride in recognizing the outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication of these remarkable individuals who have truly set a standard for excellence.

Our awardees have consistently demonstrated resilience, innovation, and a commitment to our core values. Their ability to adapt to change and deliver results with determination has not only fueled ABM´s success but has also reinforced ABM’s position as a leader in the industry. The collective efforts of our honorees have propelled ABM to new heights, and we extend our sincere appreciation for their dedication. We also acknowledge the collaborative spirit and teamwork — our success is truly a result of the combined efforts of each individual.

The Golden Employee Award goes to Erik Vedel, D.Sc. (Technology)! Erik´s adamant passion, unyielding attitude, and hard-core professional knowledge have enabled ABM to provide the best quality materials to our customers. Congratulations, Erik!

Thank you Erik, Emmi Anttola, Merja Kamppi, Tonja Manninen, Ville Pirisjoki, Aino Nuolioja, Sanna Rihla, Sähär Leisiö, and Lauri Hokkanen for your hard work, passion, and for making Arctic Biomaterials an exceptional place to work!

Employees of the year 2023

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