Degradable glass fiber

The degradable glass fiber used as reinforcement in ArcBiox™ materials is a proprietary technology developed by ABM. We produce our own glass, process it to fibers and then combine it with biopolymers. The background for the fiber comes from our medical business and knowledge in implant (screws, anchors) materials. This knowledge was used as a base to develop a range of technical materials that create added value to today’s biopolymers. While in the medical field the value added focuses on “torque strength” and “bone growth” the technical side values are more on the temperature resistance and mechanical strength. With ArcBiox™ materials we have reached temperature resistance under load up to 160 °C (HDTA).

Degradability of ArcBiox™ materials

The degradable glass fiber reinforced ArcBiox™ materials have been tested for composting by external bodies and have received the Seedling mark (Din Certco EN-13432) to prove the concept.

Sizing (adhesion between polymer and fiber)

Producing a bio-based polymer composite that meets demanding technical requirements is possible not only by knowledge of degradable glass fiber but also by having a world class knowledge of the adhesion chemistry (sizing) between the fiber and polymer. The recipes that ABM has developed ensure an extremely tight bond between polymer and fiber hence increase the properties of the polymers. This knowledge creates additional value to our customers as we have a possibility to tailor the sizing depending on the polymer used. See attached SEM picture.

Durable materials

As ABM’s target is to produce durable materials that have a long lifetime and can be used in demanding environments the PLA based ArcBiox™ materials are biodegradable only in controlled environments, mainly industrial composting. This means that in normal environments the materials keep their properties.

Degradation time and environment can be controlled by choice of biopolymer.