BSGF – series

Bioplastic compounds reinforced with degradable glass fiber. Excellent mechanical properties and high temperature resistance.

Preliminary TDS ArcBiox BSGF20-B2000Preliminary TDS ArcBiox BSGF40-B2000

MFA – series

Bioplastic compounds reinforced with minerals. Bio-based compounds with good temperature resistance without need for hot mould and long cycle.

TDS ArcBiox MFA20-B2000 v1ArcBioPreliminary TDS MFA30-B2000

XB – series

Biopolyester non-reinforced compounds. Alternative for PP, PE. Designed for caps and closures including film hinge products.

Preliminary TDS ArcBiox XB0013Preliminary TDS ArcBiox XB0016

A – series

PLA based compounds but not compostable. High biocontent +85%. Good impact properties even in cold mould. Alternative for ABS

Preliminary TDS ArcBiox A1001Preliminary TDS ArcBiox A1005